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(05/01/16) A summary of 'Cochrane Collaboration systematic review of water fluoridation 2015' has been posted in Reports.
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(16/04/14) A critique of 'One in a Million: The Facts' has been posted in Reports.
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(16/04/14) 'Fluoridation: Popularity' has been posted in the Archive.
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(18/04/10) New fluoridation scheme for Southampton

(18/04/10) The Reports and Archive sections have been updated with further documents and links

(11/07/09) A critique of Prof. Newton's report to South Central SHA has been posted in Reports.
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(28/09/08) A critique of the South Central Strategic Health Authority Consultation Paper on Water Fluoridation in Southampton, has been posted in Reports.
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(07/09/08) A response to the Chief Dental Officer's 'Dear Colleague' letter of guidance for new schemes, endorsed by scientists from the York review, has been posted in Reports.
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(23/06/08) Isle of Man has announced on 12th June that it will not be fluoridating its water supply
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Toxicity Of Fluoride

Fluoride is sometimes referred to as a harmless vitamin. The MRC report (Sept. 2002, 5.2.6) said it was toxic at "Very high" doses, which is misleading. My critique of this report cited under 3.5 four sources that attest to its high toxicity and status as a poison (Disposition of Toxic Drugs in Man (3rd Edn), Baselt & Cravey (1989); Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products (5th Edn), Gosselin et al. (1984); Poisons Act 1972, and Schedules; EU Dangerous Substances Directive 1976). Standard textbooks in Chemistry and Medicine yield further evidence.

Chemistry of the Elements (2nd Edn.), N.M.Greenwood, A.Earnshaw (1984/97): "The highly corrosive nature of HF and aqueous hydrofluoric acid solutions have already been alluded to (pages 792 & 797)" (p.810). P. 792 col. 1 is about the aggressive toxicity of HF. It speaks of the benefit to teeth without deleterious effects so long as it is below 1 ppm, and references (only) Waldbott et al.'s Fluoridation: The Great Dilemma, Hileman in Chemical & Engineering News (1988), and Martin's Scientific Knowledge in Controversy (which makes it strange that it endorses fluoridation since these authors did not).

Hazardous Chemicals Desk Reference (5th Edition) Richard J. Lewis, Sr. (2002): page 557 under 'Fluorides': "Safety profile: Inorganic Fluorides [as in fluoridated water] are generally highly irritating and toxic", followed by a paragraph about the dangers to bones of "fluorosis" etc. "Organic Fluorides are generally less toxic." P.499 deals with nephrotoxicity, & F ions.

Toxicology: The Basic Science of Poisons, 6th Edition, Casarett Doull (1975/2001): p.122 col.1 has Fluoride compounds with lead and strontium being stored in bones.

When hexafluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) is transported to water treatment facilities in the UK it has to be shipped as a 'Class 8 Corrosive Substance' in specially lined tanks or unbreakable plastic drums, with vehicles carrying an identifying sign including the figure '8'. Stringent emergency procedures are laid down for dealing with a spillage because of its potential impact on human health. Serious damage was caused in two accidents to tanker lorries in the USA in recent years. (I am indebted to UK Councils Against Fluoridation for this information.)

5/03 - 11/06.

Dr. John McLaren Howard of the independent medical referral unit Biolab in London confirmed F's high toxicity to me at a conference where he was speaking in October 2003. He stated that its toxicity profile vastly exceeded that of e.g. vitamin D and supplements such as selenium. He has done many relevant laboratory tests with patients, and says that

  • fluoride inhibits all enzymes that he has tested for;
  • he sees up to 2 patients each week complaining of reactions to fluoride and on whom he can show immune system damage to white cells;
  • the variation he sees in fluid ingestion among patients is between ½ litre and 10 litres daily, demonstrating a 20-fold variation in fluoride intake.

10/03 - 11/06.

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